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Welcome, André!

André Gomes is all ready for the new season.

He passed his medicals with a smile:

Got a feel of the new pitch during presentation with a smile:

Posed in the dressing room like a boss in his new get-up:

It was a family affair of sorts:

And now, the handsome twenty-two-year-old is looking forward to winning trophies with his new club, FC Barcelona. Gomes was well on his way to Real Madrid before FCB hijacked his move. His international team is Portugal. This means he won the Euro 2016 with them and yes, his captain is Cristiano Ronaldo. This is why I was kind of confused as to why he chose FCB over RM. He could’ve played alongside Cris and co. While Gomes admires both Cristiano and Messi labelling them as ‘great players’, his reason for moving to FCB was simple:

“I am here fulfilling the dream of me and my family. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.”

Does this have anything to do with your father being a huge FCB fan, Gomes? Daddy also gave the club’s representative traditional Portuguese Belem cakes for signing his son.

“Barça relates to my way of playing football and to my identity.”


“I have chosen the best club for me. It is an honour and a privilege to wear this shirt”


“I am 22 and I want to grow. I have come to learn. Here, I have many references.”

Who might those references be?

“Messi and Iniesta are the references at Barcelona but the club itself was very important in the final decision that I made.”

But is he a Messi fanboy?

“Two (Messi & Cristiano) are great, it is an honour for me to be alongside them. Most important for me right now is Messi and Barca. I have enjoyed playing with Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal and I now hope to do the same with Messi at Barcelona.”

Gomes is also keen on remaining humble.

“Competition is important. What I want most is to learn. I’d be wrong to think I’m Messi. I have to make sacrifices and be humble.”

I look forward to what young Gomes bring to the table this season alongside Digne and Umtiti. Plus, we need to keep this kid away from Neymar.



My heart simply beats football.

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