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Edinson Cavani was thrilled with Uruguay's conclusive response to their defeat by Argentina

Unlike Les Bleus, Uruguay had no difficulty in dismantling Paraguay.

Edinson Cavani scored twice and Suarez scored a penalty to making sure that Uruguay secure a vital victory after their 1-0 defeat against Argentina (thanks to Lionel Messi!). Suarez also provided two assists to Cavani.

Suarez has now equalled Marcello Salas as the 2nd top scorer in South American World Cup Qualifiers.

“But like I said the other day, we are all friends, we are family, and we are united in adversity.”

– Cavani

I love watching Luis and Edi play alongside each other because they have THAT chemistry that many seem to lack. Had Cavani had this kind of chemistry with a particular teammate at PSG, he would’ve been relaxed, less tense, and he would’ve been banging in those goals often. 

Carry on Uruguay. Arriba Cavani!

Uruguay's players embody the collective spirit Cavani says was key to their victory on Tuesday



My heart simply beats football.

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