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TbT: George could have been the best?

I haven’t done this is a while and I feel ashame because the beautiful game has MANY moments that I can pull from here or there.

Circa 1960’s (via Daily Mail)

“If I had been born ugly, you would have never heard of Pelé.”

Pele was good.

Maradona was better.

But George could have been the best?

The myth and the legend.

The gifted player and the womanizer.

Best is regarded as one of the best footballers of all time, but not many people have heard of him. Whenever I bring up his name with self-professing football lovers – this is not bias, but all of these self-professing lovers are males! They know who they are 😛 – they look at me as if I’m from another planet.

I was not born during his time and I can’t testify that I’ve witness his greatness in action, but I make it my duty to learn about the legends who contributed to the beautiful game.

On the pitch, Best was captivating, said to be fast and technically gifted. Best would be marked for death, but it didn’t stop him from shrugging off those tackles and continuing his game. This little trait reminds me of the universe’s current best, Messi. Best also had great vision.

For some fans, George Best might not have been up there with the likes of Diego Maradona, Pele and even Lionel Messi, but this man remains one of the most charismatic and iconic hero of the sport. Best was also considered a celebrity in his own right.

George Best Quotes


Best’s top 10 goals:

Be dazzled by his dribbling skills!

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TbT: When Marriner sent off the wrong man

Andre Marriner - Premier League's greatest moments 100-76: in pictures

Andre Marriner sends off the wrong man Mar 22, 2014: Arsenal have become grimly accustomed to bad things happening to them at Chelsea, yet their trip there in March 2014 took things to a new level of suffering. The scoreline was bad enough – 6-0, with Arsenal lucky to avoid conceding double figures – but the coup de grace was applied by the hapless Andre Marriner, who sent off Kieran Gibbs instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for handling on the line. Incredibly, Marriner was not sanctioned; less incredibly, Arsène Wenger was able to use the incident as a way of disguising his teams myriad flaws.


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TbT: All about Eric Cantona

Former Les Bleus star, Eric Cantona recently called Javier Pastore (PSG) the best player in the world. It was his opinion, yet, many fans mocked him for saying such blasphemy. How is that any different than some calling Rooney or say, Hazard the best in the world? It’s his opinion.

Anyway, let’s relive the glory days of Cantona by watching some of his best goals.

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TbT: When Éric Abidal lifted ‘Old Big Ears’ at Wembley

“To lift the trophy is a privilege and an honor.”

– Éric Abidal

Éric Abidal is a fighter.

Two and a half months after having a cancerous tumour removed from his liver, Abidal was given the honor of raising the Champions League trophy by captain Carles Puyol. This was when Barcelona defeated Manchester United 3-1 in the 2010/11 final. It was a special moment for the now retired footballer.

We’ve lived through many moments with Abidal, and this is a special moment I’ll never forget.

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TbT: When Pele came onto the scene

Many things happened in 1958. Instant noodles went on sale for the first time, Charles de Gaulle is brought out of retirement to lead France by decree for six months, Michael Jackson was born and Pele burst onto the scene.

At only 17, the Brazilian was the youngest to feature in a World Cup tournament. He helped Brazil claim their first title, bagging a hat-trick against France in the semis before helping himself to a brace in the final against Sweden in which Brazil won 5-2.

Every day someone creates their own history. Write yours.

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Messi watches Brazil 2014

For many analysts, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ was the best of all time, and not without good reason. As well as thrilling and fiercely fought encounters, last year’s edition threw up some of the most captivating stories of recent years.

With that in mind, sat down with some of the main protagonists of Brazil 2014 for a look back at the memorable tournament. And the first to do so was none other than Lionel Messi. The winner of the adidas Golden Ball for Player of the Tournament accepted our invitation during his recent visit to Zurich and gave his take on five key moments from the finals.

“I didn’t realise the crowd were chanting my name in the previous move,” Messi said of his first goal in the competition. “I don’t know if they particularly wanted me to score, but expectations were certainly high, given our form coming into the tournament,” he added. If you’d like to hear more, just click on the adjoining video. You might be as surprised as the Rosario-born star was after watching each of them.

As well as his opening goal, we hear Messi’s thoughts on the shock early exit of Spain and ask him if he was in contact with any of his Barcelona team-mates at the time. We also talk to the Argentinian captain about Germany’s unforgettable 7-1 win that shook the very foundations of Brazil, his side’s dramatic penalty shootout against the Netherlands in the semi-final, and one particular move from the decider at the Maracana that could have changed the course of the Final.