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Barcelona, Juventus, one step closer to my dream final

When the last four teams for the semi-final was announced, the first thing I said was if Barcelona don’t get Juventus, I want them to meet in Berlin.

It is happening.

Well … not quite.

Although Juve didn’t beat Madrid by a solid scoreline and Barcelona didn’t beat Bayern like a schoolyard bully, I still have hope alive. I don’t want a clasico final and I don’t want a Bayern-Madrid final. I want a Barcelona-Juventus and I know they say be careful what you wish for, but I’ll risk my chances.

Go for it, Barcelona and Juve. Go for it.

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Pep talk for FC Barcelona v Bayern Munich

*Inhales harshly*

*Exhales slowly*

I’ve never written a pep talk for FC Barcelona like I do for my beloved Les Bleus. This is going to be short though. The last time we met Bayern, things were not pretty, but things have changed since then.

We have these two now:

Combined with the universe’s greatest to create this formidable front three:

I think Neymar and Suarez are the missing weapons we didn’t have access to last time and they’ll be going all out to loot and punish. We can count on MSN to do incredible things. I tipped Neymar to have a great game this evening and I hope he proves me right.

This is definitely D biggest game we’re going to have this season, so let’s do this! Don’t hold back and don’t show Bayern any respect. We came to win and we’re going to show them what we’re made of. These are the games which turn ordinary men into legends and heroes, but this team are already heroes in my eyes.


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To the semis we go!

Luis Suarez - Manchester City v Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Round of 16

FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Juventus are the last four teams standing in the Champions League and the semis should make an interesting round.

And as you’ve seen with Bayern v Porto, ANYTHING can happen.

I’ll like to see Barcelona face Juventus in the semis, but many are calling for a clasico (v Madrid) or a vengeance match (v Bayern). I do admit that Barcelona v Bayern and Madrid v Juventus sounds like fun.

Teams, all the best.


Yet another in the history book for Messi

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What has Leo accomplished today?:

^ Became the club’s top scorer with 371 goals surpassing Paulino Alcantara, who played in the 1910-1920s.

^ Lionel Messi (233) has surpassed Roma’s Francesco Totti (232) to become the active player with most goals in a single top-5 league.

^ Messi is the 1st player in the top-5 leagues to reach 10 league goals in the calendar year 2014.

Congrats Crack!

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Update: verdict on Neymar’s injury

Last evening, Neymar got injured while playing the Copa del Rey clash against Getafe. See here:

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The tests have confirmed that Neymar hasn an ankle injury which will keep him out of action 3 to 4 weeks.

Ney Ney thanked the fans for their support in a video:

Here he is arriving in Barcelona:

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(Thanking barcastuff for these pictures)

Recover well, sweetie.