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Yoann Gourcuff scores as Rennes beat Nancy 2-0

Rennes cruised to a 2-0 victory over Nancy thanks to goals from Yoann Gourcuff (23rd minute) and Giovanni Sio (81st minute).

It’s great to see Gourcuff back on the pitch and scoring. He played the entire game and for this, I am pleased as punch because I really missed his presence. Here’s to a great season for him and Rennes!

Check out his bullet-strike goal from the edge of the box.

Watch his celebration video here (I love that Depeche Mode’s ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ was playing for his moment!)

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Deux: the sexiest thing since…

Button, Tap, Computer, Keyboard, Input, Hardware:

Marcus lit up a cigarette in the comfort of his room as his brother relay both negative and positive news from the social media world. Ray was a technology geek and there was not a social media site he did not have a signed account with. Marcus was not one to have his business plastered across the internet and never felt the need to open any social media accounts. He was content with life as it was and didn’t need other social distractions.

“In summing up most of these tweets, football fans think that you’re an absolute lunatic and they feel sorry for Les Bleus.”

“They won’t be feeling sorry when we win the Euro,”

“They also think you’re a savvy dresser and Pep Guardiola finally has competition.”

“With this Frenchman? Pah! He can forget it.”

“The females think you’re the sexiest thing since Yoann Gourcuff.”

“Because I’m French,”

Ray frowned and put the tablet down. “Marc, you’re a great coach and all when you get into the spirit of football, but they’re scared of you. I bet they can’t wait to go back to their respective club and talk about you.” Just then his cell phone vibrated and he retrieved it from his jacket pocket. He rolled his eyes. “Mr. Junglee Billi can wait,” he shoved the phone back in his jacket and turned to his smirking twin. “As I was saying, you… what was I saying?”

Marcus chuckled. “Don’t bother about it. I can’t believe you’re on a nickname basis with SRK. What does he call you? Know what? Don’t tell me. He is going to call back and you’re going to get annoyed and answer him anyway.” He stood and stretched, the cigarette barely dangling from his plump sensual lips. “I’m going for a walk,”

Ray softly growled as his cell phone furiously vibrated in his jacket pocket. “Kya?” he asked the caller on the other end. Marcus fondly shook his head at his twin and quietly left the room. He strolled down the empty hallway passing closed doors. Behind them, some of the boys were laughing or gossiping in French. Marcus ventured outside into the still night and gazed up at the starlit sky as he privately reflected on his journey as the new coach of the French national team, a job that was thrust upon him after Deschamps left the post due to being a suspect in an ongoing case about financial malpractice while he was still coach at Olympique de Marseille. He was just the right man for the job, according to Deschamps, because he was a no-nonsense individual who got the job done.

Marcus had connections within the French Football Federation and although he never used any of them, he still got the job. The FFF thought it would be funny to place the stake of the French national team in the hands on a young lunatic. However, the team needed stability and the FFF didn’t want a repeat of previous embarrassing years. With all that Marcus had accomplished in such a short span of time, they decided to take a huge risk and place the national team under his care and guidance. They needed clean and trustworthiness and Marcus had nothing to hide. Former French national player, Zidane was angry about the FFF’s decision to choose the young man over him and refused to comment about the appointment when asked about it in a presser.

France attracted scandals right before a big tournament, but this time, Marcus wasn’t going to let any bad behavior follow France into Euro 2016 when they take center stage.

Soon, the boys were going to question his background and every decision, but it wasn’t going to stop him from being the man that he was. With Denmark looming ahead, tomorrow was going to be a long day.


^ Junglee Billi – wild cat (Hindi).

^ Kya? – what? (Hindi)

^ On April 17th, 2016, reports ran in France about current coach, Didier Deschamps’s possible involvement in financial malpractice while he was coach of Marseille. I used it for 2015 instead for it proved liable for this fiction. Thank God for fiction universe!


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Yoann Gourcuff updates!

I was watching Rennes v Bordeaux last evening and I was delighted to see Yoann Gourcuff in attendance.

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Pic cred:  

Gourcuff was surrounded by French greats including businessman François Pinault, the president of Rennes, René Ruello and former great, Mikaël Silvestre.

The game finished 2-2, but I can’t write a report because the electricity went before half time leaving me angry. Gourcuff was his usual stylish self:

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What a breath of fresh air and ray of sunshine!

Other than that, Gourcuff is going to be a father. His girlfriend, Karine Ferri is expecting:

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And he has been training to reach that fitness level once again:

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It’s great to see Gourcuff up and at it! Can’t wait to have him take the field after all this time.

*** All pics via Twitter

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4000th post! Baes, rivalries and 40 questions

4000th post 2nd edit


It’s my 4000th post!

This is an epic milestone for My Heart Beats Football because I never thought that I’d still be here after my 2000th post or so. I mean …



Bring on the fireworks!

I also feel as if this 4000th post could have gotten done long ago, but I was busy with life, studies, and writing.


B.A.E. Before Anyone Else. The ONLY person I put before anyone else is God. I like the term Bae just fine without the acronym because it reminds me of that overused term, Boo. You guys remember that right?

Anyway, I’ve tamed down on using the term for a while now. I can’t really remember when last I called someone Bae … I might have recently, I’m not sure.


Let me just say this: I do not care for rivalries and I write about any which team I feel like writing about on the blog. I like watching Arsenal and Spurs and if anyone has a major problem with that, they can suck it. I have this love for Man City, but if I want to touch on a Man Utd game, no one is going to stop me.

I do not care about rivalries. I care about great football. Had it not been for Arsenal, Spurs, Man City and even Newcastle, I may not have cared much for the PL.

Watching teams for their football, be it good, nasty or simply sublime has made me understand the sport even better in psychological terms.

Rivalry? What rivalry?

New WordPress mode sucks!


WordPress promised that it’ll be easier to update, but they lied. Some of the categories don’t show up and some of the tags seemingly disappear. I want the classic mode back.


I was thinking of doing away with some of the categories on here. I haven’t used some of them in months. For example, the Polls category might go. I haven’t conducted a poll in ages and it doesn’t look like I might be doing so anytime soon. The Live Thread is kind of tricky right now because my laptop is a troublemaker lately and I’ll be purchasing one soon, but not soon enough.

40 Questions

I don’t like answering questions unless it’s about Bae #1, Bae #2, Bae #3 or some other random Bae I can’t keep track off. Hey, I used the term! ^.^

I played 40 questions with some friends and I decided to post them here. I hope it might help you get to know me a little bit better … if you’re interested of course. No, that came out wrong. It sounds as if I’m flirting.

1. About the WC, were you surprised about Spain’s early exit?

No. I was expecting the Dutch to get their little revenge, but I was not expecting that scoreline! Spain’s team dynamics was off par.

2. Do you think Del Bosque should retire?

You mean he’s still the coach of Spain!

3. What about Brazil?

Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of their football, but I do like some of their players. I think Brazil had it coming in term of the defeats, but it is not the end of Brazil. They’ll return strong.

4. You support FC Barcelona, why not Spain?

I don’t bandwagon. Les Bleus was and still is very much my first love. FCB came second actually.

5. Do you think English players are overrated?

Some definitely are.

6. Your favorite coach/es?

I have nothing but mad love for Laurent Blanc, Deschamps, Mancini, and Wenger. Pep remains a fave of mine too & I do appreciate Enrique Luis and Mr. Renard. Yes, I kind of have a thing for coaches as I do goalies. 😛

7. What is the prettiest city you’ve been to?

Haven’t been to Paris yet. One day, I’ll love to wake up to a view like this:

8. In your very honest opinion, which football league is the most boring?

The Bundesliga! I can’t bear to watch it sometimes, but I do like Bayern Munich, so I tolerate it for them most of the time.

9. Do you have a fantasy over any footballers?

No, that’s gross! Although I refer to some of my boys as Baes, I haven’t been thinking of getting into anyone’s shorts. And before you ask, not even Cavani’s!

10. Baes! You rival Rihanna when it comes to Baes. Who are your Top 4 footballing Baes?

Cavani, Lloris, Messi, and Giroud.

11. If you were a WAG …?

… I’ll be Cavani’s (reason why he’s the #1 Bae!) but let me just say that I don’t like the WAG title and I dislike the spotlight, so I won’t make a good WAG.

12. The prettiest boy in the world …

A toss-up between these two:


13. The sexiest guy in the world …

You shouldn’t have asked! Olivier Giroud. 🙂

14. Did you ever have a crush on a toon?

At one point, which boy or girl didn’t!

15. Who was this toon?

Actually, he’s an anime … This guy!

Look at him! The world needs more confident, regal, stylish, seriously hot, spiky hair, ass-kicking guys like him.

16. Any fandoms?

Criminal Minds and Yu-Gi-Oh!

17. What do you regard as the greatest music video ever made?

Stranger In Moscow by Michael Jackson. The emotions felt were tremendous! See that timeless masterpiece here if you don’t know what I’m talking about:

18. The greatest song ever made?

Nights In White Satin. Again, if you don’t know what that is, listen to it here:

It’s too darn bad they don’t make them like that anymore!

19. What kind of books do you like?

Thriller-Suspense. Gripping law novels and no one writes them like Grisham and Patterson. I also indulge in history. Ancient Egyptian and French history is my utmost fave topics.

20. Do you have any tattoos?

No. I’m not a fan of ink.

21. You have mad love for Hugo Lloris. How do you rate him?

Too high!

22. If Lloris were to play for Madrid …?

We better be talking Atleti!

23. Fave Brazilian player ever?


24. Fave artist of all time?

25. Fave female artist?

Ciara. It was always Ciara.

26. Fave actors/actresses?

Tom Cruise is Bae! I also like MGG, SRK, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie. It’s too bad Joe Jonas didn’t pick up this career. He’s funny!

27. Do you have any other blogs besides My Heart Beats Football?

Yes. I have one dedicated to Hugo Lloris here:

I have another one. It’s where I dump ‘rubbish’ and talk about my writing and anything else that matters. And OOH! I have this one:

That’s where I talk about writing although it’s still a work in progress. I’ll be introducing the da Díxon mirror identical French twins soon. I’m proud of creating them. I was only 14-15 when I gave birth to them 🙂

28. A role you’ll like to see Tom Cruise reprise?

Lestat baby! He OWNED Lestat and he was a hot blonde.

29. What about Pitt?

Oh, he was in the movie too?

30. If you could be a toon/anime, who would you be?

The female Yami Yugi! 🙂

Kudos to the artist on that masterpiece!!

31. Fave TV show/s?

Criminal Minds, Crossing Lines, Castle, and The Mentalist.

32. Are you studying presently?


33. Who has the most influence on you?

Jesus Christ.

34. Fave book?

The Bible.

35. Do you have a criminal record of any kind?

For supporting the underdogs and having my own opinions.

36. Do you care what others think of you?

Hahaha! No. I don’t give an Eiffel Tower.

37. What is your favorite color?


38. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Certainly not a first lady!

39. And you’re working on a novel?

Yes, but I am a procrastinator.

40. Currently reading?

A Time To Kill by John Grisham

Remember, it was for fun. My answers are not your thoughts.

Come Get It Uptown Bae!

On the topic of Bae, last time I did my 3000th post, I was obsessed much with Pharrell’s ‘Hunter’. This time around, I am obsessed with ‘Come Get It Bae’ although the lyrics are absolutely silly. It’s a fun song and *breaks into what I can only describe as awful singing while trying to do that annoying Miley part* Come get it baaaeee … (Hey, it’s not my fault I can’t sing!)


*** Please note, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with my Baes.

And my song of the year so far has been:


SAY WHAT!! And followers/readers/browsers/referrers, a MAJOR thank you! I’m already thinking about that 5000th post.

I don’t know how else to say thank you. THANK YOU!

*** All images used for this post via Tumblr and Google Search. Mainly Google Search.